Olive Wooden Products

We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting the Craft Products made of Hard & Solid olive tree wood. We have a wide range of olive wood products; for example, Cutting & Chopping boards , Fruit bowls and Rustic & Natural Salad bowls, Tableware and utensils (spatulas, ladles, spoons, forks, salad servers, honey spoons, knife) , Dishes & Plates Dinnerware, Mortar & Pestle , olive wood games , wooden gifts, ashtrays, natural & rustic candle holders and more! Our olivewood products are all Handmade by our skilled craftsman. Our Team is able to customize design items or create special Models especially as per your requirements.

All our products are hand carved from olive wood and can be fully utilized, as olive tree wood is renowned for its durability. We love the warmth of Olive wood and its natural beauty combined with the pleasure of its tactile nature and we are happy to share our olive woodcraft with you!

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