Black Olives

Weight 700 g 1 kg 10 kg

The olive fruits are harvested when fully ripe or slightly before full ripeness is reached. The outer surface of the fruit is now bright and round.

All the olives are hand-picked and preserved well to avoid any effects of the harrassed environment untill packed. A simple process of washing with pure water is carried out and then they are kept in a bit salty water without any additives for a certain period of time to allow them to mature the pleasant taste.  When the taste becomes perfect and reaches up to the desired level, the salt concentration in the water is adjusted to below 8% and some quality vinegar is added.

The healthiest black olives’ color should not be jet-black or bluish black. If the olives are produced in a correct way without using any harmful chemicals, the color should be brown or light black – this is a sign of healthy black olives.

Packaging type: Glass bottle

Black Olives Nutrition Facts (for 40-50 pcs)

Energy                     : 207 kcal

Fat (g)                     : 21

Carbohydrate (g)      : 1,2

Protein (g)               : 1.8

Calcium (mg)           : 77

Iron (mg)                : 1.6

Vitamin A (IU)         : 60

Vitamin B1 (mg)      : 0.02

Vitamin B2 (mg)      : 0.02